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OTAL Industries Co., LTD is one of leading companies specialize in manufacturing and exporting the Animal Feed Materials, Incense Sticks Materials and Agarbatti Machines at the highest quality and most competitive prices in Vietnam.

Established in 2008, we have offed various product lines such as: Onggok powder and Joss powder (tabu powder) as the be inputs of the incense sticks, mosquito coils. Our products are guaranteed to be able to meet the strictest chemical and physical requirements.

We are experienced in supplying quality products at affordable prices. Our  material sources are from Tay Ninh and Tay Nguyen, Vietnam. We have the most advanced manufacturing system for Animal Feed Materials, Binding Materials and Calcium Carbonate.

For a decade, we have built trust, established business relationships and maintained conversant correspondences with a lot of customers from many countries such as: Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand... We are confident to be able to satisfy a variety of the customer's demand.



Onggok Powder

  • Starch content: 50-55%

  • Moisture: 14% max

  • Fiber: 15% max

  • Protein: 2.9%

  • Foreign matter: 3% max

  • Viscosity: 11.000 cp

Onggok starch powder is made from the residue of tapioca obtained during extraction of starch from the roots of the tapioca plant then dried and crushed into starch.

Onggok power is the material to make the Agarbatti, Incense sticks, Mosquito coil.

Joss/ Tabu/ Jigat Powder

  • Color: Dark Brown

  • Odor: Characteristics

  • Mesh size (80%) min: 95%

  • Moisture: 10% max

  • Viscosity: 12.000 cp min

Joss/Jigat/Tabu powder is a herbal/ botanical product derives from 100% natural red or dark brown bark of the Litsea Glutinosa Tree. Due to its strong viscosity & adhesive properties it is used as binding material in Fragrance Sticks and Mosquito Repellent Coils manufacturing industry.

Wood Powder

  • Color: White

  • Odor: Characteristics

  • Mesh size (90%) min: 90% - 100%

  • Moisture: less than 8% 

  • Proportion: 80% rubber wood powder + 20% pine wood powder

OTAL's wood powder is a 100% natural wood (100% rubber wood powder). It is made of dried sawdust that is ground and filtered to the right size. The product does not contain any additives and is entirely made of Vietnam wood materials.



Dried manioc starch residue

  • Starch: 50% min

  • Moisture: 14% max

  • Crude fiber: 15% max

  • Calories: 3600kClal/kg

  • Protein: 28% - 36% min

  • Mosture: 12.5% max 13%

  • Fat: 2.5% max

  • Fibre: 3.5% max 13%

  • Sand and silica: 3% max


Soyabean Meal

Beer Meal Residue

  • Protein: 20% - 25% max

  • Mosture: 14% max

  • Ash: 5% max

  • Fibre: 18% max

Limestone Granular -

Limestone Poultry Feed Grade


  • CaCO3 ≥ 98%

  • Ca ≥ 39%

  • MgO ≤ 0.68%

  • Fe2O3 ≤ 0.04%

  • Al2O3 ≤ 0.04%

  • SiO2 ≤ 0.75%


  • Dry brightness ≥ 85%

  • Whiteness ≥ 90%

  • Moisture ≤ 0.2%

  • Proportion 1g/cm3

  • Oild apsorption 23g/100g CaCO3

  • Loss on ignition ≤ 43.08%

Cassava residue pellets

  • Protein: 3% min

  • Mosture: 14% max

  • Starch: 50% max

  • Fibre: 18% max

  • Ash: 5% max



Our factories have the capacity of 5,000 MT products per year, which were been as animal feed and incense sticks materials... With the good technology and laboratory equipment, our factories enable to manufacture many different particle sizes and assure of stable quality to meet the various requirements of the customers all over the world. OTAL Industries is a fantastic place where 46 people work and share their good time together. They are all young, enthusiasm and well-training. With long time experience in the fields our company is involving in, they are contributing a lot to OTAL's stable and strong development.




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